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"The no-holds-barred story of growing up in an extremist religious cult preparing for the end of days is hard to put down from its very first sentence. Jones brings us along as she tries to navigate a world few of us can imagine while contending with the conflicts of love, loyalty and growing up."

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Faith on Dr. Oz

"This Year's Must Read..."


" inspiring and stranger-than-fiction memoir of growing up and breaking free..."

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Faith's mother and father and other wife.

Raw & Real

An Unforgettable Story

Faith Jones was raised to be part of an elite religious army preparing for the End Times. Growing up on an isolated farm in Macau, she prayed for hours every day and read letters of prophecy written by her grandfather, the founder of the Children of God. Tens of thousands of members strong, the cult followers looked to Faith’s grandfather as their guiding light. As such, Faith was celebrated as special and then punished doubly to remind her that she was not.


Over decades, the Children of God grew into an international organization that became notorious for its alarming sex practices and allegations of abuse and exploitation. But with indomitable grit, Faith survived, creating a world of her own—pilfering books and teaching herself high school curriculum. Finally, at age twenty-three, thirsting for knowledge and freedom, she broke away, leaving behind everything she knew to forge her own path in America.

A complicated family story mixed with a hauntingly intimate coming-of-age narrative, Faith Jones’ extraordinary memoir reflects our societal norms of oppression and abuse while providing a unique lens to explore spiritual manipulation and our rights in our bodies. Honest, eye-opening, uplifting, and intensely affecting, Sex Cult Nun brings to life a hidden world that’s hypnotically alien yet unexpectedly relatable. 

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Early Acclaim

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“Faith Jones offers a powerful memoir full of childhood joy yet rooted within a world where abuse is rampant and happiness cannot last. An accessible story about a woman who liberates herself from the binds of an abusive, patriarchal cult, Sex Cult Nun will keep readers turning pages.”

Donna Freitas, author of Consent

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“Startlingly honest and hard to put down, Faith Jones' memoir is proof that your past needn't define you and that anything is survivable.” 

Wendy Lawless, New York Times bestselling author of Chanel Bonfire

Sex Cult Nun is an unflinching often heart-wrenching and thrilling reckoning with a childhood shaped by a notorious cult, and the story of how Jones came through fire to make sense of it all.”

Lauren Hough, New York Times bestselling author of Leaving Isn’t The Hardest Thing

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“Complex and richly detailed, the book provides fascinating insights into a secretive religious organization while offering often heartbreaking details about the nature and repercussions of growing up indoctrinated in a cult. A powerful and disturbing memoir.”

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"In this outstanding debut, Jones recounts her upbringing in and escape from the infamous cult, the Children of God… As Jones transports readers from Macau to Kazakhstan to the United States, Jones skillfully provides the mental framework to understand her past as an indoctrinated individual in hopes of helping others ‘stand up for themselves.’ This remarkable account of self-liberation is not to be missed." 

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“Jones not only shined a marvelous light on the criminally destructive nature of religious cults but how the effects of abuse and mind control permeated every aspect of the followers’ lives. Sex Cult Nun also provides a narrative of triumph that one could escape an egregious cult and create an authentic life free from abuse. As Faith Jones has done for herself, may her life story be a testament to the power of determination and the quest for freedom at all costs.”

Critics Agree It's a"Must Read"

Air Pressure

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Own your body, your power and your place in the world. Faith believes that in order for us to each rise free from fear, abuse and discrimination, we must claim our inherent right of self-ownership. With her tools and trainings you can learn how to free your mind, access hidden inner resources, and become more financially independent. She provides specific techniques to channel happiness in the darkest of times and take control of your life to overcome anything holding you back!

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"A memoir that must be read and talked about so that we can prevent this from happening, and help others who might be in need of escape."

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LOST CHAPTERS: Multiple stories were cut from Sex Cult Nun before it went to print. With your hardcover order, you'll receive a PDF with four of these bonus stories filled with shocking and humorous accounts from Faith's incredible journey. A fantastic bonus read delivered directly to your inbox.



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I OWN ME - BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEOS - Get a peek into how this came about.


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Extra Bonus: FREEDOM FRAMEWORK - In this video, Faith describes the powerful tool she created to get clarity on any situation with another person. It teaches you how to take back your power, identify and stand up to manipulation and protect yourself. It gives you the language to have difficult conversations on body rights and boundaries to educate your teens or speak to those in authority.

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White Gradient

Named a "Top 40 Under 40
M&A Deal Advisor"
in 2015



Creative solutions advisor for non-profit and for-profit companies across the globe.

Attorney, Author, Activist and Business Advisor

Faith graduated summa cum laude from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and with honors from UC Berkeley Law School.

Faith had the privilege of representing the founders of Skype Technologies S.A. in obtaining a $500 million earn-out from eBay Inc. and the sale of Skype by eBay to a private equity consortium.


Previously a corporate attorney with Skadden Arps in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, she has her own law practice, advises businesses in corporate and financial strategy, and provides legal and financial education to simplify and democratize these complex topics for individuals and business owners. 

Faith empowers business owners with clear and straight-forward legal knowledge so they can set their businesses up with confidence. She guides them on a personal level to step into their power as successful entrepreneurs. 

As a world traveler, she spent much of her early life in South East Asia and speaks Mandarin Chinese. She has worked with businesses and government leaders in the Pacific Rim and uses this insight to assist clients in understanding the unique opportunities available in Asia.

She is the inventor and patent holder of the Personal Air Filter device, a non-mask, wearable air filter for polluted areas. She worked as a humanitarian aid worker in Kazakhstan, Japan, and Taiwan. 


Your Journey to Freedom Starts Here.

Get Valuable Tools and Trainings that can change your life when you order!
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